Explained – Spanish Taxes for Digital Nomads

2nd February 2023

My Lawyer in Spain's Alex Radford, Pablo Mallo Bárcena from MDG Advisors in Malaga and Melanie Radford of Legal Services in Spain talk about all things related to Spanish taxes for Digital Nomads.

As well as providing an overview of the situation, we answer specific questions with individual concerns.

Your Questions

  1. my employer has allowed me to work in Spain and i have my digital nomad visa, what rate of tax do I pay? How is income tax calculated? Will digital nomads be taxed as a non-resident and will this be the case for as long as they hold the Digital Nomad visa
  2. Do I have to submit annual or quarterly returns?
  3. When I arrive in Spain and as I will be working, should I register with the Spanish tax authorities straight away?
  4. Do I stop paying tax in my home country? Do I still have to submit a tax return in my home country?
  5. will my employer pay tax on my salary in my home country?
  6. will I pay social security here in Spain? Would we be exempt on paying tax in Spain on other worldwide assets and will we be exempt from the requirement of filling in the Modelo 720 form
  7. is there any clarification to the rights of dependents and whether they can work in Spain or are they only allowed to work remotely in the same way the main Digital Nomad visa person does

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