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What do you need to become a resident in Spain?

Non-Lucrative, Golden or Work Visa – which one do you need?

8th May 2021

We hosted a webinar about the requirements for the new visas for UK Nationals in May.  The video recording covers the non lucrative visa, golden visa and work visa. 

Non-lucrative Visa

  1. We cover the funds and documents required. 
  2. Implications of the Tax year.
  3. the process of applying, when to start the application and how long currently the process is taking

Golden Visa

  1. Financial requirements
  2. work implications
  3. Retrospective requests.

We also talked about the financial minimum requirements for both Visas from years 1 to 2 and 5 

Work Visa

  1. What visa is required for working remotely for a U.K. company in Spain?
  2. If you work in Spain remotely what are the tax implications?
  3. Does the company in the U.K. you work for have to pay taxation or fees or is it just the individual who declares their earnings in Spain for instance like you are self employed?



Then we opened up to Q&A from questions submitted prior to the event as well as questions on the day.

Any further help, information and support, we are here for you – contact us at

What do you need to become a resident in Spain?

What Visas do you need to become Resident in Spain?

15th April 2021

Join our FREE webinar about the different types of visa necessary to live and become a resident in Spain.  We will consider types of visas, procedure, documents required, timing and costs involved.

Date: 6 May 2021

Time: 18:00 UK / 19:00 Spain

Register in advance for this meeting via zoom

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting, together with a link to send us your questions.

Or contact us via:
Calling from UK: +44(0) 203 807 4044
Calling from Spain: (+34) 951 820 099

Stages for Non Lucrative Visa

15th January 2021

Here are the stages to apply for a non-lucrative visa. Our team at confirm, review and prepare all the documents for stages 1 and stage 2.

Residency requirements for Brits, Canadians, Americans and Non Europeans who wish to reside in Spain

12th January 2021

Click here to view residency requirements: LSIS Visas for Non Europeans coming to Spain

Brexit makes it harder for Brits to obtain Spanish residency

10th January 2021

We all knew that changes would occur after 1 January 2021 and as there has been no specific agreement between Spain and the UK (yet), then Brits wishing to move to Spain and apply for residency are now treated as Non Europeans.

Watch: The clock is ticking for Brits moving to Spain

5th November 2020

Don´t worry if you could not join us live for our webinar on Moving to Spain -The clock is ticking for British nationals, you can watch the video here….

Thank you to BTR International, Masa International, GPS Insurance and Alison Meehan for joining us!

Glad to participate in the live and invest overseas online conference

We were pleased to be invited to participate in the online conference focusing on Spanish residency visas for Americans & Canadians moving to Spain! If you are thinking of moving to Spain, contact us to discuss your plans!

Free online seminar on obtaining Spanish Residency

7th October 2020

The clock is ticking! Do you still have time to get Spanish residency? Join us for a free online seminar to discuss this and more on obtaining Spanish residency.