Increase in Financial Resources for Visas 2023

21st November 2022

Financial resources requirements for Spanish visas set to increase by 3.6% in 2023. New NLV applications, GV applications and renewals - increase in financial resources requirements 2023.

IPREM will increase by 3.6% in 2023 in line with the Spanish budget. If you have started the NLV process and plan on attending a Spanish Consulate appointment in 2023, please make sure you have sufficient financial resources to reflect the increase in requirements.

It also applies for those of you who are renewing your NLVs or GVs, not just new visa applications.

Increase in Financial requirements for Visas Spain

For NLVs you will need to prove sufficient financial resources for the 2 year renewal period, not just 1 year. Let’s have a look at the figures.

Don’t forget you can apply for renewal of your TIE residency card 60 days before it expires so if you haven’t started yet there is still time!

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