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Relocating to Spain – Online Seminar

12th June 2020

Are you planning your move to Spain? We wanted to help you with all the legal issues related to that, and that is why we will be hosting a seminar on Zoom with experts from many different fields joining us!

Free online Zoom seminar on Spanish Residency

23rd April 2020

We will be holding a free online Zoom seminar next month, covering all of the issues relating to Spanish Residency.

How much does private medical cover cost?

3rd April 2020

Often we are asked how much medical insurance costs per person per year, so that applicants of Spanish residency under the age of 65 have an idea of the expected costs.

Legal Services in Spain on BBC News

4th February 2020

Our very own Alex Radford appeared on BBC News as the UK left the European Union, speaking in particular about the process of applying for Spanish residency.

UK election result good news for Brits moving to Spain

13th December 2019

Boris Johnson’s decisive general election victory in the UK brings stability to British politics and breathing space for Brits looking to move to Spain. The threat of the UK leaving the EU without a deal has in effect been taken off the table.

Open letter from British Ambassador – 1 November 2019

4th November 2019

You will all have seen that the EU has agreed the UK’s request for a further extension. This means that the UK will not now be leaving the EU on the 31st of October. The extension sets a new deadline of the 31st of January 2020.

EU agrees Brexit extension to 31 January 2020

28th October 2019

Today, the EU has agreed an extension for the UK exit from the EU until 31 January 2020, according to a tweet from Donald Tusk, the European Council president.

Keep up-to-date with Brexit

27th July 2019

To keep up to date with changes between the UK and the EU visit the website below: