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Watch: The clock is ticking for Brits moving to Spain

5th November 2020

Don´t worry if you could not join us live for our webinar on Moving to Spain -The clock is ticking for British nationals, you can watch the video here....

Glad to participate in the live and invest overseas online conference

We were pleased to be invited to participate in the online conference focusing on Spanish residency visas for Americans & Canadians moving to Spain! If you are thinking of moving to Spain, contact us to discuss your plans!

Free online seminar on obtaining Spanish Residency

7th October 2020

The clock is ticking! Do you still have time to get Spanish residency? Join us for a free online seminar to discuss this and more on obtaining Spanish residency.

New procedures in place for British citizens applying for Spanish residency

13th July 2020

The new procedures came into place on 6 July and set out the process to apply for and obtain a new TIE (Tarjeta de Identificacion Extranjeros) residency card. Below we set out the different procedures and scenarios for British applicants who already have residency and those who will be new applicants.

Expat Info Seminars

22nd June 2020

Three new seminar dates during September have been confirmed.

Relocating to Spain – Online Seminar

12th June 2020

Are you planning your move to Spain? We wanted to help you with all the legal issues related to that, and that is why we will be hosting a seminar on Zoom with experts from many different fields joining us!

Free online Zoom seminar on Spanish Residency

23rd April 2020

We will be holding a free online Zoom seminar next month, covering all of the issues relating to Spanish Residency.

How much does private medical cover cost?

3rd April 2020

Often we are asked how much medical insurance costs per person per year, so that applicants of Spanish residency under the age of 65 have an idea of the expected costs.